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Product name : Massage Belt
Item : MH-HBF024
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 Newly Multifunction Massage Belt For Health Care 
Massage belt has a mellow and comfortable surface,massage waist,belly,pygal and leg where fat easy get together.what's more,it support multisite massage and the speed and intensity is changeable,can effective relief the ache from neck,shoulder,back and waist.this product is safety in use and multifunctional.combine slimming,health care and relaxation together.This is the best massage machine to keep you in good health. 
  Operating principle:
    Stimulate at acupoint which is important to digestion and lose weight by high rotation speed.Otherwise,it can also stimulate your body where fat get together,decompose the fat into pieces and attach the effect of slimming and losing weight.
  Use microcomputer technology to vibrate belly and back,from outsie into inside,until deep fat at the speed of 200 times per second,to realize overall vibration of body,accelerate blood circulation and metabolism.
1.Press "On" button to start machine,then the power indicator light,at this time ,the machine enter full auto mode,and the green indicator light.
2.Press "Model" button to choose automatic function or manual operation function.the machine default as automatic function when start machine,press "Model" button will change into manual operation function.
3.When it is manual operation function,Press "+" and "-"  button to adjust the intensity. 
1.Microcomputer control CPU,auto adjust and manual adjust.
2.Senior leather.
3.Built-in electromotor to supply strong power.
4.Exclusive substantially horizontal scroll.
5.bidirectional massage.
6.Multifunctional:support belly,pygal,thigh,crus and back.
7.There are four spiracle to adjust heat in order to keep best property. 
 Matters need attention:
1.Pleae choose the massage speed according to your body condition.
2.Pleae wear your clothes when using the massage belt.
3.the default working time is 15 minutes,if you want to massage different parts,you can choose manual operation.we do not suggest massaging the same part   over 20 minutes.
4.Please don't use one hour before or after meal.
5.Depth meridians thrombosis patients,Malignant swollen injury patients,patients with heart failure,pregnant and infant mustn't use this product.
6.Stop using at once if any upset.
7.Please do not use in high temperature or high humidity environment.
8.When massage belt is continued use for a long time,in case over heat,the massage will stop working.when the temperature back to normal level,you can restart it.
9.Please stop using if the wire,plug or transformal is wrecked.
10.Do not try to maintain the massage belt by yourself or other unprofessional people.
11.Please do not put any weight on the massage belt or give too much pressure when using. 
12.Please pull the plug after using and put in the place where chilren can not reach. 
Material: PU+ABS
CTN: 54*49*53 cm/ 12pcs
N.W/G.W: 14.5/16kgs

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