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Product name : Mr Lid Containers
Item : MH-K0002
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 Mr Lid Containers
How many times have you reached in to a cabinet to grab some Tupperware only to have to search high and low for one that has a matching lid? Bet you that it happens more than you would like to admit. Tupperware is a must whether you store leftovers, meals for future consumption, snacks for the kids, or any of a myriad of uses. Trouble is that keeping the matching lids with their containers is more than just a pain – it is nearly impossible. Now you can do it with ease – check out Mr Lid!
Mr Lid containers have finally answered the question of how to best keep up with the lid for each of your containers. Each container is actually one piece! That’s right – the lid has been made onto the container. No more losing lids! The great thing is that each container nests easily into those of the same size so keeping them stacked neatly in the cupboard is a piece of cake.
The Mr Lid Container collection includes the following: Six 32oz Containers, Six 16oz Containers, Six 8oz Containers & One 48oz Deluxe Container.
After you purchase your set of Mr Lid Containers, you will have all you need to be able to rid yourself of the clutter that is currently hanging out under your countertop or in your wall cabinet! These containers are outstanding for more than just the ability to keep the lid in place. They are leak proof meaning no more spilt messes in the fridge. They are microwave safe which means that you will be able to heat side items and leftovers with ease and with no worries. They are even dishwasher safe! Unlike some containers, Mr Lid Containers will not shrink or warp with repeated use.
Perhaps best of all, these containers are BPA free. Now you won’t have to worry about whether your family is being exposed to harmful chemicals every time they eat something that has been stored. This peace of mind alone is worth every penny. If you are looking for a handy way to keep your containers and lids all in one place AND to offer your family a safe and easy way to enjoy snacks, leftovers, and more the Mr Lid Containers are right up your alley. 
-Neat, clean and totally greenWeight 
-Microwave safe and BPA free 
-Dishwasher safe
Food storage containers with the lid attached.  11 pc. set includes three 8oz, three 16 oz, and three 32 oz containers and two 9 oz sandwich containers.

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