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Products > Fitness Workout DVD > > Insanity Asylum Volume
Product name : Insanity Asylum Volume
Item : MH-HBF0060
Price : USD 7
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The INSANITY: The ASYLUM workout is a hardcore, 30 day sports-specific training program that is based on highly-effective drills used by professional athletes. During this intense home fitness program, you’ll serve aces like a tennis pro, score points like an all-star basketball guard, practice moving like a football running back, and much more.
Developed by home fitness guru Shaun T of INSANITY and Hip Hop Abs fame, the ASYLUM workout will dramatically improve your speed, agility, strength, power, and coordination — transforming your athletic ability from regular to elite in just 30 days.

Does the ASYLUM Workout Work?

Shaun T’s ASYLUM workout isn’t your normal, everyday home fitness program. It was developed to produce maximum results in a short period of time, and is highly effective at doing just that.

Designed to burn maximum calories, build muscle, and develop the athletic skills needed to set you apart from the competition, the ASYLUM fitness program will provide you with measurable improvements in your athletic ability in just 30 days.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM works so well because of three powerful cross-training cycles.

During Cycle 1 of INSANITY ASYLUM, Shaun T challenges you to master a series of core sports exercises. After you’ve nailed these routines, the real fun begins and you’ll progress to the next cycle.

In Cycle 2 and Cycle 3, Shaun T pushes you even harder with progressively tougher drills and increasingly complicated sports moves. This challenging training formula forces your body to use more muscles and develop additional skills that will ultimately result in a performance edge that will leave your competition in the dust.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout Packages


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