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Product name : Hot buns
Item : MH-HBF071
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 Hot Buns, the new, simple styling solution! Perfect buns and curls have never been more simple!
A new and improved version of the classic hair doughnut, these Hot Buns will give you beautiful buns that last all day, and take only a few moments to make. 
These are great for early, rushed mornings before work, where you want gorgeous hair, but simply don't have time to waste trying to frantically pin your hair up into something vaguely presentable.
2013 new hot buns is a trademark of apg. 2 pc set HOT BUNS 1 large & 1 small hair style bun maker AS SEEN ON TV / IN STOCK
A bun is a timeless hair style, that adds a touch of class to any outfit. With these Hot Buns you will look elegant in every instance; from work, to parties, and weddings to interviews, the Hot Buns are perfect for every occasion.
Hot Buns are available in two different colours, light and dark and will match most hair shades. Each pack contains two Hot Buns; one small and one large. You can therefore create all kinds of styles: high, medium, low, side, small and large, the possibilities and styles are endless!
Hot Bun's secret is its innovative combination of light net and combing fabric that grips hair gently, but firmly, making it easy to roll and keep in place. Once secured, they won't come loose, no matter how active your day! They even have an attached hair tie that you can wrap around the bun afterwards, to make it feel extra secure.
The Hot Buns are an improvement on the traditional hair doughnut as they arrive straight! This design makes it much easier to roll your hair around and ensures that all of the Hot Bun is covered; creating the illusion that you are not wearing it at all! 
Hot Buns don't just create great buns, they also give you beautiful curls too! You can even leave your Hot Bun in overnight and flaunt gorgeous curls in the morning! So much easier than using heated curlers!
Hot Buns can help you to create so many different styles, everyone will think that you're a professional stylist! Buy a pack today, it's your new little beauty secret!
? Lightweight and comfortable
? No pins needed!
? Great for all ages
? Create all styles of buns
? Includes one small and one large hot bun
? Quick and easy to use
? Available in light and dark
? Lasts all day
? Great for curling your hair
? Make beautiful buns in less than a minute
? Small (unclipped): 20cm (L) x 4.5cm (W)
? Small (clipped): 8cm (L) x 8cm (W)
? Large (unclipped): 24cm (L) x 5cm (W)
? Large (clipped): 10cm (L) x 10cm (W)
How to Use: 
? Tie your hair back into a ponytail at the desired height.
? Starting at the bottom of your ponytail, roll your hair around the JML Hot Bun in an upwards motion.
? Clip the JML Hot Bun shut at the base of your bun
? Wrap the attached elastic hair tie around your bun to secure it
? Enjoy showing off your new style!

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