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Products > kitchenware > > Microwave Egg Cooker
Product name : Microwave Egg Cooker
Item : MH-K0085
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 Free shipping PP Plastic Microwave Egg Cooker, Egg Boiler, Color Box Package, 1 Pairs
perfect boiled egg/Microwave Egg Cooking Cup / Egg Bolier
Microwaved Eggs:
Spray the bottom and sides of a microwave-safe dish (e.g. a custard cup) or a mug with cooking spray. Sprinkle a pinch of salt in the bottom of the dish. (The salt helps the egg cook evenly.) Crack an egg into the dish. Pierce the yolk and white several times with a fork. Cover the dish with microwave-safe plastic wrap.
For a soft-cooked egg, microwave on High for 35 seconds. If the egg is undercooked, turn it over and microwave for 10 seconds more or until it’s cooked as you like. Let it stand, covered, for 10 seconds before removing it from the dish.
For a hard-cooked egg, microwave on High for 45 seconds. Let stand, covered, for 30 seconds before removing the egg from the dish.
Egg Cooker:
* Made from Non-Toxic Material
* Perfectly cooked eggs in seconds!
* Poach up to two eggs
* Ideal for Preparing your eggs soft yolk, poached, hard yolk, scrambled, sunny-side up, or even an Egg Wave omelet right in your microwave.
* Round Shape is perfect to Cook Eggs for Breakfast Sandwiches
* Fast and Easy to use
* Healthy and clean
* Lid Functions As a Heating Surface for Breakfast Meats.
* Freezer, Dishwasher Safe and Stackable
Color: With
Material: High Quality Plastic
Dimension: 6.98cm(W )x 9.35cm(H) approx
Package included:
2x microwave egg cooker

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