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Products > Health & Beauty & Fitness > > Skoother Skin Calluses Smother
Product name : Skoother Skin Calluses Smother
Item : BB-HBF0999
Price : US $1.8 - 3 / Piece
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CTN:74x34x47CM 60pcs/ctn

Skoother Skin Smoother
let you safely buff away dry skin on knees, feet, elbows and hands. It uses gentle micro-abrasion, so there are no sharp blades to worry about. The waterproof, battery-free design fits comfortably in your hand and offers precise control. It comes with a fine screen for hands, elbows and knees; a coarse screen for feet and heels; plus two bonus screens. Discover the easier and more effective way to reveal soft, smooth, beautiful skin!

A Modern Alternative to Metal and Stone Foot Files
Unlike harsh files or motorized smoothing systems, Skoother is both gentle and effective. Its unique smoothing screens are made of silicon carbine particles bonded to a flexible nylon mesh. They quickly transform stubborn calluses and your toughest, driest skin – yet are also gentle enough to use on sensitive areas such as elbows and knees. Both coarse and fine screens are included, so you can choose your desired level of exfoliation. A light back-and-forth motion lets you quickly slough away dead skin cells for beautiful results.

An Exfoliator that is Clog-Free and Easy to Clean
Avoid the mess of cheese-grater style foot files. Skoother’s fine mesh screen allows exfoliated skin to pass through, instead of building up on the surface and creating clogs.  Simply twist apart to disassemble and clean. Because of its intuitive design and ease of use, you’ll be more likely to keep up with your skin care routine. Enjoy the healthy-looking skin you’ve always wanted.

Perfect for Both Men and Women
Tired of your scratchy hands or scaly feet? You’re not alone! Rough, dry skin affects nearly everyone, but it’s simple to treat with Skoother. Exfoliation helps encourage cell renewal; you may even notice that your moisturizing lotions go on more easily and evenly. Plastic. 2.75" Diam.

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