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Automatic Pet Door Opener

Automatic Pet Door Opener
  • Automatic Pet Door Opener
  • Automatic Pet Door Opener
  • Automatic Pet Door Opener
  • Automatic Pet Door Opener

This creative door opener can help control the entry and exit of pets, allowing your cats and dogs to enter and exit the room freely. Improve the intimacy and dialogue between you and your pets.

  • Product No.: BB-PD001
  • Price: USD 3-4


Automatic Pet Door Opener, Self-Closing/Opening Gate Strap Latch for Dogs Cats Pets
★ SEMI-AUTOMATIC CLOSE & OPEN - When pets enter or leave the room, the door can be closed and opened automatically by the artful design, so you don’t have to get up to open or close the door anymore.
★ SAFE & RELIABLE - The pet door stopper can prevent the door from closing and trap pets in the room when you not at home.
HOW TO INSTALL THE DOOR: (Also you can check our product pictures)
* 1. Install the white door panel and teach your pet how to open the door; (Before affix the door opener on the door, please make sure the proper position according to the height of your pet and teach your pet the action of opening the door.)
* 2. Stick a white ring on the door frame or on wall; Another stick it on the outside face of door. The length (tightness) of elastic rope can be adjusted according to the requirement. The excess rope can be wound on the ring.
* 3. The more loops on the ring, the more effort is needed to open the door. The less loops on the ring, the easier to open the door. (It is recommended that the number of loops of the rope at the beginning of use should not be too many loops. Let the pet successfully complete and be familiar with the door opening action at first.)
* 1. Not suitable for sliding door;
* 2. If the position of the door is against a wall or furniture, the automatic door cannot be used (Like pictures shown);
* 3. After installed the door, there will have a gap in the door frame. And the size of the gap depends on the molding process of the door frame. The more complex the shape, the larger the side gap will be. The influence of air leakage is small.
* Material: ABS + Silicone
* Door panel size: 25 x 14cm
* Ring size: 4 x 4cm


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